Sunday, November 27, 2011

Alone in the Classroom

I've done it, I've started a new blog, all about my revived fitness endeavours. Check it out! I'll be updating it weekly!

This one I am keeping for knitting and reading. 

Finally, I have finished a book within the alloted 3 weeks that that library gives you. I used to be able to ferociuosly read through books one after the other, but now, I only seem to find time to read before bed.

Which means, I have trained myself that when I read, I should fall asleep. So I can hardly read for more than 10 minutes. I need to retrain myself back to how I was, to devour books, and read for hours on end.

I have had my library holds rolling in, and the latest novel was Alone in the Classroom, but Elizabeth Hay.

This novel was definitely Canadiana literature, soft and yet detailed in parts. The characters were fascinating, I enjoyed Connie especially. I did find there were too many stories going on at once, but there were times where it really was a page-turner and I couldn't wait to get back to the book.

I did love these two descriptions, the first of suppressed feelings for a love-affair that just goes wrong, and the narrator, Anne, trys to pretend she is happy:

"For a while I was able to carry it all inside me, like a big bouquet of peonies, and then I couldn't anymore. The moist, plump peony heads got to be too heavy. They were like pounds of raw hamburger hanging upside down."

I will never look at the blueberries the same way in this second description  I really think Elizabeth Hay nailed this:

"The hilltop was covered with blueberries. The ones in the sun were very small and warm to the touch, the ones in the shade were big and worthwhile, and all of them had the dusky bloom that's like the film of chalk after a blackboard has been erased."

This is worth a read, but only if you are into Canadiana literature.


As for knitting, I have now started the Christmas knitting list, so I can't publish too much stuff on here unfortunately. Stay tuned for some baby items for a friend's baby due in Dec.!

The b/f and I went for an awesome walk today to the library to drop off the 1/4 finished books, and pick up my next hold.

I love the good ol' VPL:

 It's also the Grey Cup today at BC Place - Go Lions!

And a picture of the Marine Building in the sun:

A fun walk home. It's December this week. Brrr....

Monday, November 7, 2011


Amongst several finished objects last week, I present, my Orchid Multnomah. It is so pink and so gorgeous, I can't wait until my recipient receives it.

Knit from approx. 1.5 skeins of the luxurious Sweet Georgia Cashluxe Fine sock weight yarn in the colourway Orchid, this shawl is heaven to anyone who loves pink.

I modified the pattern to make sure it's big enough to wrap without a pin like my Mom's, so I did 15 repeats of the feather and fan portion. This is my third time making this shawl, and I didn't want to waste any time with Christmas fast approaching, so I made sure to put a stitch marker after every repeat in the row, so counting was not one of my worries.

Knit knit knit I did, and I am very pleased with how this turned out! I hope the recipient loves it as much as I do!

They will be getting a special package hand delivered to their door this week that looks like this:

I found this fabulous paper at Deserres (aka old Loomis art store) - doesn't everyone want this showing up at their door on a randome cold November day?

I loved finishing this on time (in my deadline schedule) - it's my 9th shawl of the year.

Here is my Ravelry link.

Some more greatness happened this week also - I received some vividly red gerbers from the b/f randomly - so pretty.

Pretty-in-pink over and out.

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