Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What I Love - May 29th, 2013

Ok, so I couldn't wait until Monday to post more.

What I Love - May 29th, 2013
(photos from their websites)

1. Dahlhaus

Why I love it: With the soft and bright colours, geometric shapes, and curvy wares, this pottery is at the top of my list.

I currently own the poppy mug, which is on my glossy (sorry Kim, I like it that way!) desk at work:

Blue Poppy Mug


2. Chris Stiles Wood Working:

I came across this beautiful wood working at the Spring Fling in Vancouver.
Why I love it: I can't stop thinking about this ice cream scoop! He is making more for the June 7th show in North Vancouver - some in cherry wood! What a perfect gift for Father's Day, or any day, really...

Also, check out his Etsy shop - he has FANTASTIC response time.

The thing with gifting I have discovered - plan ahead! You know that birthday is coming up, you know that Mother's Day comes once a year - why not get the card/gift when you think of it? Then you're good. Everyone's happy. You are, they are - it's a wonderful thing.

How much stress goes into last-minute gifting?

Also - if you find a "perfect" gift for so-and-so - get it then! Or plan on doing it sooner! Just get it!

I have learned this the hard way. Key points:

1) remember where you have put what you bought
2) remember you have already bought something
3) you do not need to buy more!

Bring on the rain!

Monday, May 27, 2013

It's a Secret - Knitting this Week

I have just finished the cutest thing on this earth - well, knitted, that is. But it's a surprise. For a little baby who will definitely be a future knitter.

More photos once the gift has been received.

Keep you in suspense!

Cutest daisy button from Button Button!

What I love - Monday, May 27, 2013

What I Love: May 27, 2013
(all photos courtesy of the websites)


1.  Seva Fitness

2 very passionate ladies who want to make a difference, change your life habits.

Why I love them: they are personal trainers. With a focus on the personal. If you're in Vancouver, and are in the mood for a group, personal, or challenge training session, check them out.

2. Bloom Essentials

A boutique neighborhood spa in Vancouver, it is fun, friendly, and quaint.

Why I love it: hand-painted nails in fun designs for your footsies and fingatips. It's a place to get a pedicure and feel pampered, not serviced. Also, a great place for fun girly products.

Happy Monday! Over and out.

New: What I Love

Blogging has always been a project.

And I am notorius for starting projects, and just not quite following through. Why? I get bored. Or, I get too involved, too complicated, that it's too much to handle.

Looking at other fave blogs I love, I realized I am a short-and-sweet kind of girl. I need a burst of inspiration, lots of photos, and to-the-point "reading" material.

I have my novels, I get them from the library. And I love them.

Blog reading is totally different.

In the world that is too fast, everyone is trying to slow down. But who has time for that when reading a blog? Life is too short for slow electronics, that's what I say.

So, in this mindset, I have joined the Twitter (pronounced "Twitta") movement - nice little 140 character packages. I would rather use majority of my time to gather life experience - researching, working, connecting, knitting!, and progressing. Onwards and upwards, I say!

Onwards and upwards!

I am a woman of lists.

- 1 blog post every Monday (because we all need a little inspiration on Mondays)
- a new column called What I Love.
- knitting, reading, life comments, etc.
- lots of photos

One thing you'll notice about me in my photos. I love my Lululemon navy blue/purplish hoody. I will probably be buried in it. It is washed often. Don't judge.

Question of the week:

What piece of clothing will you be buried in?

Nice to meet you (again).

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