Saturday, June 26, 2010

There is a Reason This Book is Number 100

Ok, well, I'm surprised it even made the Top 100 most popular books of all time. Although a great idea of pitting brother vs. brother in a backyard magical forest called Ryhope Wood, I found the writing to be sporadic. At times it was interesting, then pages and pages went by and I couldn't remember what I had read before. The ending happened within the last 5 pages (which is normally when the end happens-at the end of a book) but for buildup to climax ratio (we're talking plot here!), not worth it.

I think I might still pick up the movie - maybe I'll get more out of it.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cleaning Shop

I feel like once a month I do a big clean, annoyed by some littel thing I don't need anymore, and then get on a roll. Before 8 this morning, I had the full "knick-knack" cupboard reduced by 1/3 of the items, and looking beautiful. I was inspired this week by the upcoming Swap-o-Rama-Rama  on June 26th (which I hope I can make it to!) I was able to go through my jewellry-making supplies gathering dust, those extra yarn bits that have also been in a bag for a long time for "charity knitting" which I never get too anyway. Hey, if someone can make something they love out of it, and pass it on, I'm good with giving it away.

I also went through my gift-wrapping bag, reducing it by 3/4s. Yes! The end result:

Two stuffed bags. Bub-bye!

I also reached my knitting goal of the weekend yesterday, knitting the last of the beginning rows of the Fall Leaves Travelling Woman:

This was the one I ripped out last Friday and didn't touch until Friday night again. Sometimes, my projects and I just need some time apart. I wisely learned from my past mistakes and put a lifeline in (dental floss). Sure enough, on the 3rd row in Chart A, and still don't know what I did wrong....there are 4 less stitches...

Knitting Goal for this week: finish 1 x Chart A (2 repeats in pattern).

Now to the ironing pile...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Is everyone in a rut?

Check out:

and the latest version of the Knit Pick's podcast.

And then I ripped it out....

As Lisa at the Stitch n'Bitch this Friday said, the Amish always have one mistake in each piece of work to demonstrate modesty. Well, I don't want to be THIS modest. For rows and rows I let it slide, but finally after ripping out some rows on my Travelling Woman as I knit too far, the extra hole was just killing me. I could not give this away to someone else, and I could never wear it. It could probably have an ok fix, but I would rather just start over and feel much better about it.

So that's it - starting over on that, still stuck with the Clapotis, and still at ground zero on the Cashsilk Lace Fern Scarf. Sunday is the perfect time for new beginnings.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

June's Fall Leaves

So, after being halted on the Clapotis which I think were a couple of non-planned edging drop stitches, and then deciding to rip out 1 week worth of work, I have now done the obvious and only thing there is to do: start a new project. Inspired by 2 bags of the most beautiful yarn (and expensive) I have ever purchased, I decided to knit another fun project: The Travelling Woman Shawl posted for free on Ravelry. I couldn't wait to buy more Gourmet Crafter Sock, and so I have chosen the Fall Leaves colourway from Alexa's collection. It's hard to think of fall with summer knocking on the door (God, as if it's already June!), but this yarn has inspired me. More reds, with a splash of purple, just like the maple leaves carpeting the sidewalk in late September:

Loving the yarn. And the pattern is easy too - I suggest a stitch counter dealio for the repeat rows. I really really wish I could just knit all day. No work, no chores. Alas, it is Sunday. My goal: to finish the 8 more rows before the lace by Tuesday.
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