Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sprout Craziness

Well, the last week or so has been great.


1. I got to see Yarn Harlot and take her class through Knit Social! It was so awesome (although I mistakenly though it started at 7 pm, instead of 6 pm - that sucked!) Nothing is as bad as walking into a room at the library full of 17 knitters who all turn to look at you and I bet they were wondering: "Oh my goodness, I can't believe ANYONE could possibly be late for a Yarn Harlot class!" Trust me, I couldn't either.

But once I was there, I had a blast. She is just as sarcastic in person as she is in her blog and books, and I am trying to learn her way of lever knitting, to make myself more efficient and avoid injury so I can knit forever! She also did a lecture on the history of knitting which was actually quite fascinating and surprisingly entertaining. History and knitting for Ashley? Yay!

2.  I took this great photo walk in the Olympic Village, with a pro photographer Feeling Photography. I really wanted to learn how to use my point and shoot camera better, to take better photos for the
blog - and what better way to spend an afternoon in my neighborhood?

I learned lots of great tips and techniques, and although it is better in these classes to have a SLR camera, I learned a lot as well, and feel more confident after the 2 hours of practice. Check it out, I highly recommend it.

3. That same day, I had a knitting party at my house, with the ladies! Andrew was scared out of the house quite quickly :) Some people think knitting just isn't condusive to summer - I think this just proves them wrong!

Closest to farthest: the amazing Joanne, Kynna, and Kim (let's just say this is evidence that a whole lot of knitting wasn't going on - mostly posing, drinking beer, and looking at hot men pictures)

The lovely Iona, showing off another hot man photo specifically this one.

Here is Janice - the wine is down, and she's actually knitting. Good work!

The latecomers - Laura and Melanie - I'm glad you ladies could join! Too bad Melanie forgot her knitting - thankfully she could make fun of my very loose tension on my crochet square and she could finish one up too! I'm just saying, mine will be the centre square - the largest in the land :)

Miss Marianela knitting with her gorgeous Madelinetosh in Jade. And having a bloody fantastic hair day, if she does say so herself!

Alexa chillaxin' in her chair - if you are expecting though, this really is the most comfy chair in the house, and closest to my stash. Check out her upcoming book!

4. I have been knitting up a Sprout storm! I love this pattern, and when I realized just how many babies are about to be born in the next couple of months, I started a knitting factory! And the yarn was on sale at Urban Yarns in some great colours, so that's fabulous!

Sprout #1: in Sage for Cindy at work's #2:

Sprout#2: in baby blue for a boy (for a recipient that cannot be named):

Sprout#3: in rose for the Miki Sushi (my Friday sushi lunch hang out - the manager lady has great customer service) lady:

Sprout#4: in rose for little Holly just born:

Sprout #5: in hunter green for Mary (a client)'s little one to come:

Sprout #6 is on it's way for little Ethan born a couple of months ago, who I am very excited to meet shortly.

Love whipping these up!

My latest Urban Yarns KAL is coming along great - although carrying 3 skeins is a bit bulky. The short rows are also not that short any more, but I'm almost to the end.

As it's almost the end of July (crazy how time flies), I was inspired to start looking at projects that are near completion - getting those WIP (work in progress) that are sitting there like couch potatoes, and giving them some action. Either frogging completely (rip rip!) and getting them out of much not-needed project bags (but that's beside the point) or just finishing them. Either way, make a decision, and get them out of my hair, and into someone's hands to use as a gift. Out of my house!

So, once this KAL shawl is blocking, this is the plan. Tighten things up for fall.

Happy summer knitting!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Finally! I know the sex of the baby to come along! Which means, I get to choose a different colour for my Sprout hat! Colour of choice for this co-worker's baby boy?

Ravelry Project Page

I have discovered a couple of new cool blogs today - I would highly advise to check them out:

2) (although Andrew would argue that I am the crazy knitting lady, but the blog address was already taken!)

I'm so excited for this week of knitting!

1) I am so lucky and got into Yarn Harlot's workshop at the VPL on Thursday (she NEVER comes to Vancouver).
2) Knitting party at my house on Saturday! This is why I love not having kids right now. I can be the knitting retreat!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hot Hot Heat

It's July, and summer has arrived in Vancouver. Which means, knitting might go on hold with anyone else, but with me, no.

Sitting outside in the shade at Cafe Cittadella in the garden, or outside on the seawall near calm False Creek waters with my latest knitting project, I am in high productivity.

Since the last post, I have finished the following:

1. Henslowe

Yarn: Madelinetosh tosh merino light - oxblood, 1 skein
Ravelry Project Page

Alas, my thought to be loose cast off was not such, and therefore, this turned out to be a very difficult block. I think it will look great wrapped around the neck though, as Madtosh Oxblood is a wickedly shiny colour between red and purple. The pattern really is great though, so I see myself learning from my mistake and making another one in the future.

2. Rae

Yarn: SweetGeorgia Toughlove Sock in Sitka
Ravelry Project Page

This was an incredibly simple garter stitch scarf by Jane Richmond, for the Urban Yarns Jane Richmond KAL. We were so lucky to have Jane come over for the reveal party - it was great to meet her in person and hear about her perfect life designing knitting patterns, blogging, and gardening.

It blocked out super well. Great mindless project for the most part.

3. Lavalette

Yarn: SweetGeorgia ToughLove Sock in Picnic Pop
Ravelry Project Page

This yarn is extremely vareigated, so it was quite difficult to find a pattern that was simple enough yet showed off the yarn to the best ability. Originally, I tried Trillian, but the garter just wasn`t right. I did, however, love how the yarn looked in the lace netting border, and wanted more of that. So I found Lavalette.

This yarn truly does remind me of Star Bars, aka Rocket Pops. Cool, hip and summery, this is a surprising new favorite of mine.

4. Sprout (x3)
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Rialto Aran - Moss
Ravelry Project Page

Lots of babies in the office! This is my go-to cute hat - I have it down to 2.5 hours, 1 ball is approx. $8 - perfect little gift for new ones. These are hard to take pics of, but are super cut on, trust me.

5. EDI Cowl
Yarn: Patons Shetland Chunky - Forest Green
Ravelry Project Page

A very basic pattern, it used up 2 skeins of this yarn I acquired at a swap last year. The yarn is super shiny, soft, and it made a super chunky cowl. This will be a gift, but it`s super chic on - just need some pics in the fall - it`s just too hot to model!

6. Shaelyn

Yarn: SweetGeorgia Tough Love Sock - Cayenne
Ravelry Project Page

I love this shawl. I love this colour. This is a gift for an old friend who loves bright, warm colours. She had a great green peacoat, that would look fantastic with this darker orange. I imagined a triangle shawl with some lace, and a bit of flow with the pattern - and Shaelyn was it.

I have now started on the latest Urban Yarns KAL - the designer Veera Välimäki.

I have decided on her Color Affection shawl - in blues! I believe this will be a gift, but I am loving this so much, it will be hard to give away!

I am using SweetGeorgia Tough Love Sock in (lightest to darkest) - Hush, Coastal, and Nightshade.

The short rows are super fun but get long quickly, and the stripes are fun. I would definitely recommend knitting this with your 3 favorite colours.

I have learned some good techniques on this shawl. Check out my Ravelry page for more.

The hardest part - lugging around 3 skeins (which, when it is SweetGeorgia, really is not that hard).

Happy Knitting!
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