Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bus Entertainment

So, I  have now started taking the bus. Although it's still a little cold, unpredictable, and you cannot sing along at the top of your lungs to a song to pump you up in the morning (or you could and you would be labelled "the crazy person"), it has been a great way to finish my big book stash of library books that I've renewed twice already.

I have just finished "Village of Small Houses: A Memoir of Sorts" by Ian Ferguson. Here is a truly engaging book with stories so out there yet relatable it was one of the most entertaining Canadian books that I have read in a long time.  It made the CBC's Top 10 Books to Make You Laugh list - and it did. I couldn't wait to turn the page to hear more about the characters, Fort Vermillion, Alberta, and what antics this boy would get up to. Refreshing to read, and surpirising when I was hooked after the first 2 pages, especially when bus reading (distracted in case you miss the stop, etc). I found I could pick up where I left off very easily, and when I wasn't reading it, was definitely thinking about it.

Check it out!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Merger Schmerger

So, the last two weeks have been so busy with work and a bit of traveling that having time to knit has been very hard. The bus is a little awkward with the projects I have right now, and being sick does not increase the motivation. In total I have done about 30 minutes worth. So today and tomorrow I'm going to get "atter" and have some podcast time, as with crazy amounts of OT at work, I need some peace in my life. I did try to knit during the last several Canucks games, but alas, the games were too exciting to even drop my eyes for a second. Go CANUCKS!

The major knitting development I have had in the last week was the delivery of what I feel is the best damn DPN (double point needle) holder in the world! Benefits of working in the chemistry industry, I was walking through the lab 2 months ago and saw a plastic testtube holder that would be a perfect organizer/stand. I was able to score a brand new one for the price of a doughnut, and voila! It is PERFECT! Definitely not your "on-the-go" organizer, but this works great for home. And I take all of my individual projects in ziploc bags anyway, so no need to have tons of needles with me all the time!

The best parts: there are 12 squares x 5 squares - so I can have all my US needle sizes split up length-wise, then if I have my different lengths I can put them in the same columns. Also, there are all these perfect tiny holes which hold the needles in place instead of the bottoms sliding out. Perfection. I love tools.

So, if you don't happen to work at a lab with easy access to these, check out:
I just have to figure out labelling...

As I was researching this, I also came across some beautiful hand-made fabric DPN holders from gomonkeydesigns on Etsy:

Yay for tools! Now back to knitting.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


After coming back from the country for several days, I am proud to say I have met all of my knitting goals for this weekend.

I was so excited to con my boyfriend into driving his brand-new (to him) BMW up, so I could knit, and get my sister to drive me back (again, so I could knit). The first thing I pack on every trip are my "activities" - usually consisting of a big bag - either books or knitting. This time it was both.

Goal 1: Finish the outside of Mrs. Lidster's mittens, ready to block when back home in Vancouver.

Goal 2: Finish 2 elephant's feet (from Elefante) for 2 elephants that need to get finished for Saturday.

Goal 3: Finish liner of Heather's Fiddleheads (still, yes, a Christmas present).

A visit over the weekend really inspired me to get going on these mittens for her, although she looked great for her condition. I was not worried that it would be too late for these mittens to be of use this year, as it was a constant blizzard this weekend. Gotta love the North.

So after a long stint of tea and knitting, and several comments like "oh, she's knitting", and "cool mittens!" from passersby (gotta love small towns), and running into an old acquaintance who probably thought I had gone from 17 to 60, the mittens were finished.

Ok, I lied that I met all of my goals. I really wanted to finish Heath's mittens this trip, but I just am not a fan of the Kidsilk Haze for the liner - beautiful wool, just too small of a gauge, and I liked the Brushed Suri much better with Mom's. So, I will tear that out and restart as I picked some up at Urban Yarns, who to my pleasure were open today (unlike Three Bags Full). The colour choice was limited, so I chose a dark brown, deliciously named Fudgesicle.

Originally planning to use Kidsilk Haze for Mrs. Lidster's mittens, I will see if Three Bags Full have Brushed Suri in Sweet Potato Pie colour. Check them out at: Blue Sky Alpacas Brushed Suri. - but alas I must wait until Wednesday when they open again.

As I mentioned, I have several Elefantes to finish before this weekend. Sara might be getting one for her baby, and one for Katie. My sister, being the style guru that she is, thought that the generic grey and pink elephant would look really cute. So, after numerous failed attempts and men scarves in grey, I have plenty worsted grey (I'm going to use Mission Hills 1824 Wool in Charcoal), and 2 large rolls of Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted Cotton in Shell. So far, I am done the 4 feet in Shell, then a cute little ball body in grey and pink (tummy).

Can't wait to get this one finished.

Trying to use up my Noro Kochoran I have started an Elefante in that as well, but the wool is definitely more scratchy.

I have wasted my afternoon to knitting - I must now go out into the real world. I wish I could wake up tomorrow and knit for a living - listening to podcasts.

I must get faster.

Goal before Tuesday: Finish trunk and ears for Pink/Grey Elefante. Start liner for Heath's mittens.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hail and Babies

I did it! Elefante #1 is completed for Cindy's baby shower today. It did mean I was up at midnight sewing eyes on to something I could barely see, but in the end, I'm very happy with it. As Cindy's fave colour is purple, I decided to do the ears purple. This project is an awesome way to use up those god awful I would never wear colours.

It is hailing outside - and the power almost went off...time to organize my knitting activities for the ride home. Heath's Fiddleheads have finally dried, and time for the liners!

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