Sunday, September 18, 2011


I'm over the hump - I have completed 6 shawls this year as part of the 11 shawls in 2011 project, and I really have to hunkerdown and get 5 more done. So, instead of completing my other two shawls on the go, I have cast on for another: Holden.

Springtree Road's Muscadine's sock in Grey Flannel had me at hello this week as I was stashbusting (not unlike Ghostbusting - I now only think of the Ghostbuster's theme song every time I go to my yarn drawers for a new skein). Even though it's called "Grey" Flannel, it looks more like denim - beautiful colour definitions, this will be a lovely soft shawl to put around my neck.

Here are some of my favorite projects done on Ravelry:

xanniex's bright as the sun:

virssu's The most beautiful blue in the world:

thesweetstitch's Holden

The weather is cold here now and Vancouver, and it's a shock after such a short summer. But it's a great motivator for knitting. I'm going to knit as much as possible today.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Projects Are A'Sproutin'

So, in the last two weeks, I have churned out two of my go-to baby knits: the Sprout Toque. I love how cute this little pattern is, and no matter how ugly the baby, this will make them cuter! Guaranteed.

They are also super fast to knit - about 3 hours, and when you knit them with Debbie Bliss Rioalto Aran, you have a baby shower gift that is handmade, quick, washable, and super squishy, for only $8! It is one of a kind for those who receive it, and it's guaranteed to fit if you knit it ahead of time. I love baby knits for these reasons.

I knit Evan's in boy green (as apparently green is the new blue with him :)) - very sprout like, and what the pattern orginally calls for (colourway #10).

I knit up one yesterday in colourway number 05, a dark pink colour, almost fuschia, for a client's newborn, Willa.

I now have 50 Ravelry projects both completed and on-the-go. My goal - finish each and every one of them by the end of the year. My goals are rotating - something to strive for, but I'm sure I'll get distracted by other pretty projects.

I found these cool blogs this week:

French Press Knits: - wicked current post for a little giggle

Knitted Bliss: - gorgeous posts.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Gourmet Crafter Yarn Sale!

Hi Everyone,

As you know, Gourmet Crafter Yarn is one of my favorites - and she even has some awesome new colours I want to check out.

For those of you who are not lucky enough to live in Vancouver to pick it up at Urban Yarns, she is providing free shipping to celebrate back to school - check it out:

She is also putting out a book shortly as well!

Happy Sunday Knitting!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Left Neglected

Today I finished Lisa Genova's Left Neglected, the same author that wrote Still Alice. You may think the title has something to do with someone being left behind, or neglected, but this is not the case. It tells the story of a do-it-all career-focused mother that gets in an accident while on her cell phone, and ends up with damage on the right side of her brain. This causes a condition that I had never heard of called "Left Neglect" - the brain basically does not recognize anything left - ie left side of the body, left side of the visual field, etc - so the character's whole world is viewed as only things on the right.

"Left" is just not there.

A passage I find interesting to illustrate this is:

"It's early in the morning, before breakfast, before any of the therapists have started working on me, probably even before the kids have gotten dressed at home. And Bob is here.

"Can you see me now?" asks Bob. I see the prison, the window, the visitor's chair, the TV.

"No," I say.

"Turn your head."

I turn my head. I see the prison.

"No, the other way."

"There is no other way."

"Yes there is. Turn your head to the left. I'm standing over here."

I close my eyes and imagine Bob standing. In my mind's eye, he's wearing a black, long-sleeve, crewneck tee and jeans, even though he never wears jeans to work. He's got his arms folded, and he hasn't shaved. I open my eyes and turn my head. I see the prison.

"I can't."

"Yes you can, it's simple."

"It's not."

"I don't understand why you can't just turn your head."

"I did."

"To the left."

"There is no left."

I hear him sigh in frustration.

"Honey, tell me everything you see in here," I say.

"You, the bed, the window, the chair, the table, the flowers, the cards, the pictures of me and the kids, the bathroom, the door, the television."

"Is that everything?"

"Pretty much."

"Okay, now what if I told you that everything you see is only half of everything that's really here? What if I told you to turn your head and look at the other half? Where would you look?"

He doesn't say anything. I wait. I imagine Bob standing in his tee-shirt and jeans, searching.

"I don't know," he says.


Definitely worth a read, I give it 3 out of 5 stars - something irks me about an author who doesn't really suffer from a condition herself and tries to tell the story - a little presumptive maybe, no matter how much reasearch she did. Still, it did raise my awareness to the issue.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wonton Wednesday

So, it has taken me a little longer to post as, after a little stress-out session, I have finally found my camera.

It was a case of too many bags (it was in my backpack) - but actually, one can really never have too many bags - for instance, I just received my Miso Crafty project bag! (Miso Crafty has the best photo of course):

Blog - Shop Giveaway

So awesome! And these beautiful notecards - only my best knitter buddies will get these!

Thank you Melissa!
Oh, and fantastic news if you want to be fit, fitter, or fittest this fall on the cheap: FLIP Training is offering their Wonton (like a Groupon, but it has a video) this week only! - this gets you started, and the ball rolling. And you can have pipes like these!!:

FLIP trainers really do have no attitude, and provide a whole life adjustment - they act different than other trainers - they really do want the best for you! Emilia, my trainer, even came to my house to help me make my healthy shake I've been meaning to do for um, ever! I may know how to do the exercises, eat right, etc, but I pay for the motivation. And it's working!!! It really feels good to stop procrastinating and work on yourself. 

Now, to the knitting projects on the go - there are many all at once, as usual. A recent car purchase/repair will have me on a yarn diet this fall, except for maybe Christmas presents :) (I may have to go to acrylics!!! shock, gasp!!)

#1: Celeano in the gorgeous Springtree Road Yarns:

#2: Hippo - this will be a hippo - almost there:

#3: My Stephen West Mystery KAL - progressing along nicely, but antarsia is just not my thing

#4:  My Ysolda Teauge KAL Vine Yolk Cardigan - back on track!

I did finish my next Sprout toque though, and although Baby Evan is still a little small, I think it will suit him just fine:

I love short weeks!
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