Saturday, April 24, 2010

Merger Schmerger

So, the last two weeks have been so busy with work and a bit of traveling that having time to knit has been very hard. The bus is a little awkward with the projects I have right now, and being sick does not increase the motivation. In total I have done about 30 minutes worth. So today and tomorrow I'm going to get "atter" and have some podcast time, as with crazy amounts of OT at work, I need some peace in my life. I did try to knit during the last several Canucks games, but alas, the games were too exciting to even drop my eyes for a second. Go CANUCKS!

The major knitting development I have had in the last week was the delivery of what I feel is the best damn DPN (double point needle) holder in the world! Benefits of working in the chemistry industry, I was walking through the lab 2 months ago and saw a plastic testtube holder that would be a perfect organizer/stand. I was able to score a brand new one for the price of a doughnut, and voila! It is PERFECT! Definitely not your "on-the-go" organizer, but this works great for home. And I take all of my individual projects in ziploc bags anyway, so no need to have tons of needles with me all the time!

The best parts: there are 12 squares x 5 squares - so I can have all my US needle sizes split up length-wise, then if I have my different lengths I can put them in the same columns. Also, there are all these perfect tiny holes which hold the needles in place instead of the bottoms sliding out. Perfection. I love tools.

So, if you don't happen to work at a lab with easy access to these, check out:
I just have to figure out labelling...

As I was researching this, I also came across some beautiful hand-made fabric DPN holders from gomonkeydesigns on Etsy:

Yay for tools! Now back to knitting.

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