Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cleaning Shop

I feel like once a month I do a big clean, annoyed by some littel thing I don't need anymore, and then get on a roll. Before 8 this morning, I had the full "knick-knack" cupboard reduced by 1/3 of the items, and looking beautiful. I was inspired this week by the upcoming Swap-o-Rama-Rama  on June 26th (which I hope I can make it to!) I was able to go through my jewellry-making supplies gathering dust, those extra yarn bits that have also been in a bag for a long time for "charity knitting" which I never get too anyway. Hey, if someone can make something they love out of it, and pass it on, I'm good with giving it away.

I also went through my gift-wrapping bag, reducing it by 3/4s. Yes! The end result:

Two stuffed bags. Bub-bye!

I also reached my knitting goal of the weekend yesterday, knitting the last of the beginning rows of the Fall Leaves Travelling Woman:

This was the one I ripped out last Friday and didn't touch until Friday night again. Sometimes, my projects and I just need some time apart. I wisely learned from my past mistakes and put a lifeline in (dental floss). Sure enough, on the 3rd row in Chart A, and still don't know what I did wrong....there are 4 less stitches...

Knitting Goal for this week: finish 1 x Chart A (2 repeats in pattern).

Now to the ironing pile...

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