Sunday, August 29, 2010

Goodbye August, hello Fall

It seems like forever since my last post - well, because it has been. What used to be a weekly event, my blog has taken the backburner - work #1, tennis with the boyfriend #2, and everything else (mostly just sleeping and eating in between). Lots of long days this past week - it felt like forever since I had picked up the needles. So this weekend, with the man out of town, I did.

Yay! Another finished object - the Baby Bamboozle Hat, rainbow style:

This will be a gift for Alexa to help her catch up on her knitting she missed during her morning/last-all-day/all summer sickness. It will also match Kirsten's little booties she received also. This baby knitted up in 4 hours - while watching a marathon of Dog, The Bounty Hunter until 2 am. Fun!

My knitting goal for September: finish my mom's Shibui Cable Wrap I am planning to be her Christmas present:

Although it is a lot of repetition, the softness and the flow are totally worth it. September is my favorite month out of the year, and it's starting this week. I am determined to keep it that way and enjoy the pleasures of fall.

Also this month, I managed to fit in several more books:

1) Orange is the New Black - another Heather's Pick from Chapters. It was slow to start, but soon evolved into an eye-opening relatable book about an upper-middle class woman and going to jail. Definitely not as bad as a lot of woman have it in life, but there was a lot of times where I said to myself "I could see that". I liked that you need to get a special "knitting permit" for jail due to the needle risk, but the craft of choice is crochet. Boo on crochet. Definitely a worthwhile and recommended read by me:

The second book was Secret Daughter - a simplistic yet educational look at life in India as a woman. A recommended read - definitely a little emotional:

Bring on September!

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