Sunday, September 19, 2010


Finally, work this week has become an easier feat to get through - things are running much more smoothly for the first time in months, and I have much more energy to do things outside of work. Like - read an knit (surprise).

I finished Cool Water today, that had approx. 5 different character sets that all wove together at the end. The separate stories I really enjoyed, but the ending was a bit of a let down, I have to say. Worth a read for anyone who is in to Canadiana.

I have started to knit the Blue Sky Alpaca's Button Up Cowl for a special someone's birthday gift :

Delicious Blue Sky Alpaca's Royal yarn (limited edition). I did have to rip it out - I now know my mistakes and go all that much futher. I might put the floss in to have the life line to rip back to.

While I did the first version of the bottom few inches, I listened to Jane Urquhart's The Stone Carvers - something I have always been meaning to read. I was thrilled to find such a poetic way of writing (and the dramatic actress reading to me over the speaker really helped), and more excited to find out it was about two wood carving siblings who go to Vimy in the end to help with the memorial, combined with a love story. Jane obviously was struck by the memorial as much as I was - gorgeous stone carved in a tender, gargantuan way - I still remember having to back up a long way to have the whole memorial in my camera frame (although not too far as there are still mines in the ground). Visit Wikipedia for more info.

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