Monday, February 21, 2011

Yarn Love

Well, Happy Monday everyone. And it truly is another great Monday for me: I received my second package of sock yarn from Impulse of Delight, the online store based in Whistler, BC. It is sure nice being able to support the local yarn folk, especially when these three little darlings were waiting for me on my doorstep tonight:

I really wanted to try out all of her sock yarn weights and bases, so I think between the two orders I have covered them off: (from left to right):

1. Superwash Merino - 2 ply fingering weight in Blue Velvet
2. Bluefaced Bliss - 100% Bluefaced Leicester in Twilight
3. Mere Sock - 80% merino/10% cashmere/10% nylon in Dark Amethyst

Can't wait to knit up these skeins also.

Goal #2 this week was ship off everyone's Christmas gifts (yes, for last year). Well, almost there. 2 more to go - and that I am determined to be tomorrow.

Knitting this week has gone by a little slower. For instance, Hippo is still not done yet (I have to admit I'm not a big fan of stuffing), and I only completed one of Susie's Reading Mitts:

But I am determined to get the pair done this week.

Getting an opportunity to meet little Lewis, I did up a cute and quick Sprout toque - 6 month size ish. We'll see how big his head gets :) Pretty tiny right now!

I did make it up to Three Bags Full this evening, braving the crazy traffic in the light Vancouver blizzard to pick up some US 8 circs to start on the Brandywine Shawl by Rosemary Hill. Love it. And majority of the pattern sales go to Haiti, so this is good. I fell in love with Gussie's Brandywine Shawl on Ravelry made from Malabrigo Yarn Silky Merino in grey. But I am going to do mine in blackberry to use up 3 skeins in my stash, to make me eligible for prizes in the group 12 in 2011 (knitting 12 items from your stash in one year).

As you might have noticed, I am changing things up on the blog a bit this week - more inspiring links and a cooler background - love how the raindrops come up.

More inspiration pages:

1) A Verb for Keeping Warm - a wicked store mentioned in Ysolda's blog this week - fabrics, yarn galore - something I will definitely check out when in Oakland, Cali.
2) The Flying Kettle Etsy Shop - More online goodness
3) Not new, but Sweet Georgia has how to knit fast like the experts videos that I am so going to learn...
4) Miso Crafty - trials and tribulations of knitting.
5) MadBird Etsy Shop - Christmas presents for me... hint hint hint...
6) Joyafibres - makes very pretty buttons too!
7) Hedgehog Fibres - can't wait for more yarn to buy!
8) Fig and Plum - pretty pictures with a next-door-neighbour feel.

See the side bar!

Goals before next Monday:

1) Finish Susie's Reading Mitts
2) Start Damson shawl
3) Finish Hippo
4) Finish Penelope monster if eyes are received


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  1. Why are you tempting me with this yarn? I'm trying to knit my stash only and this isn't helping!


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