Thursday, March 17, 2011

Little Red Bicycle

Still waiting on some online orders to come in, I was hoping there would be a package before the weekend - not because I'm demanding, just because I love getting mail. Especially big mail :) With stuff other than paper inside.

And today, my hopes and dreams came true! Ok, well, not that dramatic.

A brown paper envelope was at my door.

Inside, was a red paper "envelope" tied up with string (this is one of my favorite things):

Inside this red paper wrapping was a pretty little skein of yarn from Little Red Bicycle in California.

Hipster Sock in Glacial aka Seaglass (which I like better). Although it does remind me of the glacial waters in Waterton National Park in Alberta. Touches of yellows, but mostly light sky seaglass blue :)

430 yards of blue heaven.

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