Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday Organizing

With plans of a move in the next year (sometime), and the fact that Hoarders: Buried Alive was the first thing that was on when turning on the tv tonight, I was inspired to reorganize the knitting stash and tools. Ok - I really do love this area of my house - love looking at my yarn and all my tools.

Needles are all together in my testtube holder with matching blue elastics (except for the US 15 DPNs which needed a compartment each they are so big). Crochet hooks, cable needles, small scissors, and stitch holders bring up the rear. Clean and pretty:

Stitch markers and what I like to call needle nipples (aka stictch-falling-off-needle-stoppers) find a temporary home in a ziploc baggie (best ever for organizing):

I say temporary, because I just placed an order for the following Namaste items:

both in eggplant. Can't wait for that package! As much as I absolutely love my handmade gift ofr a circular needle holder that goes on a coathanger, (thank you so much L!), the needles do come out as I jostle in my closet and it just doesn't work. The Circular Case has an accordian style system with labels to keep them all compact in the closet.

I have also taken advantage and updated my iPhone app called KnitMinder. If you are looking for something free, the Lite version is avaliable, but really not worth it. The most valuable part of this app is the needle notes area. But, with the Lite version, you can only store about 3 needles! Most knitters have more. So don't waste your time with the Lite.

Off for one row tonight! Still working on the Brandywine Shawl. I love how the Malabrigo Silky Merino Blackberry is coming out - the mottling is wonderful.

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