Sunday, April 10, 2011


After a bad end to last weekend, I hit some milestone's today. Although I did not meet the lofty goal of having all of my increases done for the Cezanne Clapotis, I did finish on the 6th increase of 9.5, so almost there. Here is what it looks like at about 4 increase repeats:

As the b/f would say - it's a bigger thong :)

My highly satisfying achievement after this intense day of knitting, was finally finishing the Chart A repeats of the On a Cloudy Day Celeano shawl. I'm very happy with that. Row 1 of Chart B done, but halted when the beads that I had specially purchased, although appearing big, were not big enought for my tiny crochet hook. So, halted I am until Tues-Thurs this week.

I'm happy with my productivity today! I think I'll try to be up early to fit another repeat in for the Clapotis :)

Happy almost Monday everyone.


  1. Just finished my increase rows, I'm winning! (unless you count Kynna, she's almost done)

  2. Wow, I have serious competition! Let's not count Kynna! :)


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