Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Well, after a very quick/long month, I am back on the blog. I apologize for the long wait between posts - first, there is the Christmas knitting that I couldn't share because recipients read my blog, then there's my second blog about fitness to upkeep, plus work, etc. etc. etc. Enough with the excuses, this month was packed with knitting and reading goodness, and this blog is going to be a bit longer than normal.

Christmas this year involved a few knitted items, one of which is still going (typical me and my optimistic scheduling!)

First one was the awesome first pair of socks for Mom. Mom likes to have warm and cozy feet, and these socks fit the bill. As they were my first pair ever, and I started them a little late, I went into Urban Yarns for help. The amazing Kynna came to the rescue: why not do worsted weight socks? Why this never occurred to me at the midnight hour when I had already knit for 15 hours straight with US 1 needles in the Sweet Georgia Cashluxe Fine and only had 2 inches to show for it 1.5 weeks before Christmas, I do not know.

Worsted, check. The yarn - obviously Sweet Georgia Worsted Superwash (easy care, great colour does all the work, thick, nice and thick) in Boheme (needed some visual interest).

Pattern - took a while, but I found it: Easy Cuff-Down Worsted Weight Socks. I really liked how simple this pattern was, and it's little tips and tricks along the way. And, best of all, it's FREE!

Now, socks really are ugly off the foot, they just are, but I really like these. A great pop of interest from under my Mom's jeans cuff.

She did the perfect knitting recipient reaction as well, aptly described by the Yarn Harlot here. It's like Mom read, rehearsed and acted it out! Thanks Mom!

The second gift was for Dad - a simple, country man's toque for doing manly stuff in. Had to go shopping for the guy colours - which was not pretty to knit with, but Diamond's Luxury Yarn in superwash provided a great matte finish.

The pattern was not that clear, but simple enough. I did the slouch version (aka just kept knitting) of the Seaman's Cap. Once again, a free pattern.

Dad doesn't like tight fitting hats on his head, and appreciated the extra volume for air to warm his head. A success!

Still working on Christmas present number 3 which is currently blogging. Should finish up this week, and will blog then.

2012 is here - just in time for Urban Yarn's next KAL - knitting any design by Tiny Owl Knits. She is one crazy lady, and she is just not my style for the most part. Most of her knits belong in the storybook, which is why she has so much appeal. I did find this gorgeous cowl prior to all of this began, and I was excited to learn it was her design.

The cowl is Ships & Seaside. I love the natural feel, the ability to add bold and subtle colour, and as it's knitted as a tube, it will really be warm and stacks up enough to cover the strong coat collar.

As always, I visualized the main colour as a dark blue, with shots of pink and neutral greens and browns. I chose Aslan Trends' Royal Alpaca - a new yarn for me, but super soft from Boliva.  My plan is to actually finish this KAL in time. So I started and have made great headway. Pictures to come.

New Year's Resolutions this year:

1) Knit my way through Alexa Ludeman's 9 Months of Knitting - as I have a lot of babies to knit for (unfortunately mostly boys at this point!) Alexa has some great patterns in here - can't wait to knit everything!

2) Knit some of my stash (ok, this comes up every year). For instance, can't wait to start Springtree Road's Sangria colourway in fingering for some more socks - look how great her Jaywalkers look in it! She is going to frog, but I will carry on and copy! :)

This stash-busting thing is really to make more room for more Springtree Road Yarn coming my way any day now.

As I have a lot of variegated and fingering weight yarns, I will be searching out patterns to use it up, and probably knitting more socks and shawls.

Any suggestions for really variegated yarns?

I've also been busy knitting baby items, including more Sprouts and Ella Funt - a cute baby cardi with elephants!


Just need to sew on the buttons and deliver!

Otherwise, the sky's the limit this year - I'm going to knit and knit and knit.

Happy New Year everyone - to your best year yet!

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