Friday, April 6, 2012


Flew by, with some big news smacked at the beginning. On Saturday, March 3, A proposed. He did it in a very "us" way - private, on the way home from a walk to Granville Island, and me, as usual, totally unsuspecting.

I love the ring as well - it won't get snagged on my knitting - simple but sparkly - describing my personality to the tee, of course.

I am very excited to spend the rest of my life with this man! Who else would get my knitting obsession? (ok, he doesn't get it 100%, however, he did have the patience to take photos of my Jane hat I made on the way to Granville Island - what man in their right mind would care to do that when he has a ring in his pocket?!!!)

Yes everyone, I SCORED!!!!

Of course, since the afternoon of March 3rd, I have started to think about wedding stuff. Tons of details and then not a lot all at once.

I am also struggling to think of how to involve knitting in my wedding - do I?

Look at this gorgeous photo of SweetGeorgia at her wedding - more photos at her post.

Or maybe it's a wedding veil:

Well - too much for me. I LOVE this bouquet with the cameo:

Pinned Image

I love this wedding shrug that anniesue did:

Wedding planning online is now another time suck on top of Ravelry. Top sites to waste time on:

2) Syle Me Pretty Canada
3) Real Weddings Magazine

I am debating over colours now - what do you think of choosing a SweetGeorgia colourway and matching everything to that? Hmmm...not a bad idea, I think.

As the price of a wedding in Vancouver is astronomical (for what we want, anyway), I need to save every penny I can. And how can I do this. Yarn diet!!! The horrid but necessary words came into my head soon after the proposal.

I have a largeish stash - and it's full of gorgeous skeins of yarn. It's time to get creative.

After listening to Marianela's rant on stashbusting, her rules and regulations, I have adopted some for myself.

1) Update my queue in Ravelry. It was an ugly, un-used tool for me that I set up sometime 3 years ago and never changed. It is now fresh and relevant, with the specific skeins I will be using. Ideally going for free patterns.

2) Christmas presents: I am allowed to buy yarn only for presents. Specifically with a project in mind for a specific person. No waste.

Already knit this year with stash yarn:

Two Owlie Hats:

Sammy the Sock Monster:

I recently finished up this gorgeous shawl - I LOVE Springtree Road Yarn. Such saturation of colour.

In fact, my top 3 yarns to knit with, just because of the colour:

Springtree Road

And that's saying a lot.

Two KALs for the next couple of months:

1) Urban Yarns Jane Richmond KAL - not announced officially, but I'm already starting with Jane Richmond's Rae in this awesome Springtree Road yarn yellow colourway:

2) SweetGeorgia KAL - not sure which stash skein I will use yet, but I have a couple of ideas.

Other stash busting projects I have started this past month:

1) Drop Stitch Cowl. I really like this one done by knitmish:

2) 198 Yards of Heaven. Check this one out from ramblingroses':

Ok, off to make some pancakes. But first, a shout out to the new book I am shocked with:

This book is making me pay attention.

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