Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sprout Craziness

Well, the last week or so has been great.


1. I got to see Yarn Harlot and take her class through Knit Social! It was so awesome (although I mistakenly though it started at 7 pm, instead of 6 pm - that sucked!) Nothing is as bad as walking into a room at the library full of 17 knitters who all turn to look at you and I bet they were wondering: "Oh my goodness, I can't believe ANYONE could possibly be late for a Yarn Harlot class!" Trust me, I couldn't either.

But once I was there, I had a blast. She is just as sarcastic in person as she is in her blog and books, and I am trying to learn her way of lever knitting, to make myself more efficient and avoid injury so I can knit forever! She also did a lecture on the history of knitting which was actually quite fascinating and surprisingly entertaining. History and knitting for Ashley? Yay!

2.  I took this great photo walk in the Olympic Village, with a pro photographer Feeling Photography. I really wanted to learn how to use my point and shoot camera better, to take better photos for the
blog - and what better way to spend an afternoon in my neighborhood?

I learned lots of great tips and techniques, and although it is better in these classes to have a SLR camera, I learned a lot as well, and feel more confident after the 2 hours of practice. Check it out, I highly recommend it.

3. That same day, I had a knitting party at my house, with the ladies! Andrew was scared out of the house quite quickly :) Some people think knitting just isn't condusive to summer - I think this just proves them wrong!

Closest to farthest: the amazing Joanne, Kynna, and Kim (let's just say this is evidence that a whole lot of knitting wasn't going on - mostly posing, drinking beer, and looking at hot men pictures)

The lovely Iona, showing off another hot man photo specifically this one.

Here is Janice - the wine is down, and she's actually knitting. Good work!

The latecomers - Laura and Melanie - I'm glad you ladies could join! Too bad Melanie forgot her knitting - thankfully she could make fun of my very loose tension on my crochet square and she could finish one up too! I'm just saying, mine will be the centre square - the largest in the land :)

Miss Marianela knitting with her gorgeous Madelinetosh in Jade. And having a bloody fantastic hair day, if she does say so herself!

Alexa chillaxin' in her chair - if you are expecting though, this really is the most comfy chair in the house, and closest to my stash. Check out her upcoming book!

4. I have been knitting up a Sprout storm! I love this pattern, and when I realized just how many babies are about to be born in the next couple of months, I started a knitting factory! And the yarn was on sale at Urban Yarns in some great colours, so that's fabulous!

Sprout #1: in Sage for Cindy at work's #2:

Sprout#2: in baby blue for a boy (for a recipient that cannot be named):

Sprout#3: in rose for the Miki Sushi (my Friday sushi lunch hang out - the manager lady has great customer service) lady:

Sprout#4: in rose for little Holly just born:

Sprout #5: in hunter green for Mary (a client)'s little one to come:

Sprout #6 is on it's way for little Ethan born a couple of months ago, who I am very excited to meet shortly.

Love whipping these up!

My latest Urban Yarns KAL is coming along great - although carrying 3 skeins is a bit bulky. The short rows are also not that short any more, but I'm almost to the end.

As it's almost the end of July (crazy how time flies), I was inspired to start looking at projects that are near completion - getting those WIP (work in progress) that are sitting there like couch potatoes, and giving them some action. Either frogging completely (rip rip!) and getting them out of much not-needed project bags (but that's beside the point) or just finishing them. Either way, make a decision, and get them out of my hair, and into someone's hands to use as a gift. Out of my house!

So, once this KAL shawl is blocking, this is the plan. Tighten things up for fall.

Happy summer knitting!

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  1. No picture of you at the Party? We have to take care of that next time!


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