Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Yet another Blog...

So, I've decided to create yet another blog...mostly because the boyfriend does not want to hear my knitting chatter - colours, gauge, stitches, patterns.

I am relatively beginner - I've been at it for about 5 years, but had learned orginally in the back of the truck with my poor mother wrenched around the seat to show us how to knit on our way camping Jasper. Using metal needles, slippery wool, and the movement of the truck made a very "holey" first couple of knits.

I really enjoy knitting now. I could say I love it, but it's more the colours and textures of all the wool in the wool shop that I love. I could spend hours in there. It bugs me when I don't have a project in mind, especially when I go traveling, and have to visit a wool store. Then I find a wool that I'm not sure I can live much do you get when you don't know what you're knitting? Ahh, the stress.

So, of course, like majority of knitters, my stash is pretty big for my small little suite in Vancouver. A large Ikea basket and a shopping bag full - and that is cleaned out and organized. You know you're obsessed when the perfect day off is excitedly spent taking photos of every single skein of wool I own so I can categorize it and show it off on Ravelry - my favorite site in the world!

As it's 2010 - and I do a lot of this knitting stuff - and want to do even more - so as a way of keeping track for myself, I thought I would do this blog. Dorky - I know. Read it if you want.

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