Saturday, January 16, 2010

Finished "Friday Night Knitting Club" after going to a Friday Night Knitting Club....Dorky!

So, after reading ``The Friday Night Knitting Club``, I felt inspired to do what I didn`t have the nerve to do before - go to the Urban Yarns Stitch n` Bitch. Being a Friday night, I thought that would be an excellent way to finish off the week. My coworkers loved it when I said that I, a 27 yr old would be going to a knitting club on a Friday night. Kim even said ``There`ll only be a bunch of old ladies there, won`t there?"

Sure enough, 99% of women that showed up were under 40, and show up they did! We were packed into that tiny little space. Glad I got there on time to get a seat!

The hard thing about social knitting - it focusses more on the social, rather on the knitting...I need to learn how to multitask, as I ripped up Mrs. Lidster's mittens three times, and now the I cord cast on looks like crap. Unlike the woman next to me, who can fly, and who can apparently read and knit at the same time.

Dare to dream, Ashley, dare to dream. Just imagine - I could finish all of my books on my list, AND finish my stash this year? Maybe?

Finishing the book this afternoon was sad, but a great quote:

"Every knitter stitches with love. Why else would we create? Especially in a world that doesn't need homemade anything. That's when we need homemade everything."

That's why I knit!

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