Sunday, March 28, 2010

Late Late Late...

As one who is very familiar with procrastination and the trouble it gets me in, I find myself this week late in my goal for finishing the Fiddleheads for Heath for another reason - pure distraction. I was on my target (having the outsides done by end of the night Stitch n' Bitch), when I noticed an unusual amount of mistakes, 5 rows before, one less stitch, etc. Trying to do too many things at once, and knitting while I was extremely tired, I wasted a good 4 hours worth of colourwork that had to be ripped out. I saw no other way. Aggghhhhh! Well, they are now blocking, now that it's Sunday, and the week hasn't been that relaxing. Work has gone crazy this week too. Maybe the quality of my knitting is the direct reflection of my state of being and how aggitated I am!

The important thing is that I have to wait now, and have reached the goal (even though they were Christmas presents), and now onto finishing up the next Christmas present - Mrs. Lidster's Fiddleheads. But then there is the baby shower for one of my co-workers, my good friend on the Island, and many more - so many babies! I am attempting an elefante for each. Here go my lofty goals again.

I am doing well though and trying to go from my stash first. No new wool yet. So much inspiration though...

I am adding a list of my favorite sites that get me inspired! Check them out.

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