Sunday, March 21, 2010

Shelagh Rogers in my head....

This weekend has been an absolute blessing in terms of a great freakin' hunkerin' down kind of time. The intermittent rain showers/sun had me in the mood to knit constantly, and finally get out into the the world to some much-needed errands like....BOOK SHOPPING (at the library of course :)).

I love spring storms that only last a little bit, with the dark clouds, the sun glinting through.

So, with Mom's mittens in the mail:

(in a god-awful-this-chick-cannot-wrap-a-square-box-to-save-her-life kind of way), including the cowl, I knit a whole outside Fiddlehead mitten for my sister in about 10 hours of knitting this weekend, the whole time listening to Shelagh Rogers' The Next Chapter podcasts from CBC radio. Love that show. I have a list of books a mile long recommended, mentioned, etc., that I can't wait to get to. Although now I'm looking for them at the library in audio format so I can put them on the IPOD and knit while I'm being read to.

Soon will be the day where I can knit and read at once.

I am starting to read Unless by the late Carol Shields. The first story I have read of hers, it is a poignant picture on a mother and her daughter and her lack of understanding/control on her daughter's life. Heartbreakingly full of grief. It is a physically small book, so a good one to start with, with so much knitting to do.

Goal this week: do 2 hours of knitting each day, get Heath's # 2 mitten outside completed by Saturday.

And ladies, a link that every woman in a relationship needs to check out:

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