Sunday, March 14, 2010

Simplify, simplify....

As spring is almost here (cherry blossoms in Vancouver, crocuses popping up, warmish weather during the Olympics), it feels time for a spring clean of my blogs. For someone who was anti-blog for a while, the fact that I had more than 2 blogs seemed a little much. Too much to upkeep, and as usual, I kept up with my mentality of starting projects and never finishing them.

So, to make my life simple, I`m combining blogs. My reading blog and my knitting blog will become one, as both are equally important in my life.

So please - go to for some reading project archives.

Side note: a Honda Fit is driving past my window and I am JEALOUS!


On Friday, I went back to another episode of Urban Yarn's Stitch and Bitch which is fast becoming a very fun Friday night. Finishing up the sprout toque for that mystery kid out there, (very cute), I was inspired earlier that day by the Simple Yet Effective cowl in Handmaiden Yarn done by Alexa. Soft, fuzzy, and the perfect gift a)I could give my mother, b) FINISH quicklyv(key word finish) and c) talk with Andrew and not get screwed up.

Sure enough, I blocked it last night, so here's hoping it is beautifully dry this morning! I can't wait to get home and see.

It turned out so well that I'm going to make another. At first I couldn't figure out the colour patterns, but if you go to Fleece Artist's websites, you can see just how they manipulated the rainbow:

I used Stone this time, but I'm thinking of getting Forest Fairie next time...beautiful turquoise...

While it's actually still cold out, I need to get going on the Christmas presents of Fiddlehead mittens for my Mom, sister, and Mrs. Lidster. I look forward to a nice morning/early afternoon of knitting to podcasts.

Then the gym.

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