Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Sure enough, I have come back from a fantastic day at a wedding, then a rush trip (but fabulous) in Whistler, and my Multnomah is dry! The Noro scarf is still drying, but I don't care :) Although shawls are kind of old-school, I think as a knitting project they have the perfect complexity for me at the moment. Long enough so I don't buy more yarn, and short enough to feel it's not going to drag on forever.

Which is why I have joined the Ravelry group/contest: 10 Shawls in 2010, featuring monthly prizes, and a grand prize. There are some rules and regs, but nothing I can't handle. Another project, here I come. I am approx. done 10% of the Clapotis in the lucious Gourmet Sock Granville Island Cherries - prizes, here I come. I'll probably have to move to the States to collect these so-called winnings anyway-knowing my luck. :)

I also had a recent trip to the library where I signed out several audiobooks. Well recommended by the BBC World Book Club, I am currently reading/listening to Small Island,  by Andrea Levy. Let's see if I can finish Clapotis before the 10 CDs are up. Onto the second one now!

Thanks to the bf for a great weekend!

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