Saturday, May 29, 2010

Too Many Patterns, Too many Yarns

Just as I was cleaning out my stash, Gourmet Crafter and SweetGeorgia had to add to the supply this weekend. Had to, just had to.

First, the Gourmet Crafter Gourmet Sock was a must have for my top queued projects: Fall Leaves for the Traveling Woman shawl, the third shawl on my "10 shawls in 2010" goal; Tofino Fern to knit up a lovely Saroyan - green and earth tones for the leaves; and one more skein (I hope the dye lots are close :)) of the Granville Island Cherries for the Clapotis that I'm working on. Thank you, Alexa! Beautiful colours. These patterns can all be found on Ravelry, of course.

SweetGeorgia I hear word is dropping by some more Cashsilk Lace this weekend - so of course I am going to be the one calling at 12 pm tomorrow when they open to see if it's there yet! This rainy weather has really inspired me to knit. I am hoping there are some good verigated colours - can't wait to browse, which is half the fun of knitting.

I have almost finished Maddie's Saartje's Bootees while waiting at the movie theatre this afternoon before an entertaining yet highly disrespectful Sex and the City 2- just need to get 4 buttons instead of 2. Duh. Off to the bead shop. I found the cutest little flower buttons. Will have to test them out. Package in the mail soon, Sara!

I can't wait to get started on the Little Sister's Dress for Maddie as well. I want to do a raspberry or a deep plum - the kid is guaranteed to have dark brown hair, so I think this will pop on her! I'll see what the Shibui has at Urban Yarns.

As you can see, many things just waiting to be cast on. And there are still many things that I need to finish. So, to add a little variety to my life and get things completed, I like to do an hour of "necessary knitting" by setting small goals for each one so I eventually complete everything, but am then able to move on quickly without having a ton of chore knitting. I set my timers, and go.

So I have set myself some small goals for many projects throughout this next week. Thank you Google for the list app.

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