Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tying up Loose Ends

Sundays - my dream day for getting things done. The boyfriend has to get up early, which means I can too if I choose, and I love it as I can make the most of my day.

Today I am dedicating to tying up loose ends. Weaving. I had to get darning needles last night just for this purpose - I must lay everything out to block so it will hopefully be dry by Monday after coming back from Whistler. I want things to be then put away, mailed, whatever for a fresh week.

I was able to get some children's foam floor tiles for blocking from recommendations at Urban Yarns - you can pin everything in without the worry of getting the floor wet nor having cardboard pieces come off onto the project. And yay, they were on sale last week, but not this week, and was still able to get the discount! Gotta love that.

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