Saturday, May 22, 2010

Eye Candy

After a long week of waiting to get to the local yarn store, I finally made it late to the Friday night Stitch n'Bitch after waiting an hour extra for a client NOT to call me. Anyway, got there to a bag of freshly wound yarn: some Hand Maiden Angel Hair and the delicious Granville Island Cherries sock by Gourmet Crafter.

DEEEELLLLLIIIICIOIUSSSSS.....You know it's a great yarn when you can't wait to finish the shawl using SweetGeorgia yarn to get the next project on the needles. GIC is almost as good as having the real thing...I am someone who can eat BOWLS of cherries. Alas, it is just candy for the eyes.

This skein started with the dark, juicy dark plum cherry colour, the cherry you pick out of the bowl because you know it was sun-ripened to perfection. This graduates into blood-orange, then orange popsicle. A bright Ranier cherry yellow pops before it moves back into the orange popsicle colour.

What makes this yarn so great is that the colour comes alive as I live my day in Vancouver. I can SEE this bowl of cherries coming soon to my kitchen, glistening in the sun. This inspires me to move quickly to get her next skeins coming soon to Urban Yarns - Fall Leaves for an upcoming Traveling Woman shawl - Tofino Fern I have fallen in love with by picture only - have to have a project first...

Check out her other Vancouverite threads at I can't wait to see Kynna's socks in Gourmet Crafter's Davie Street - blue with a bit of rainbow!

The Clapotis has started. Just need to hope that the next dye lot will match the first skein enough :) Stupid me - not buying enough, of course. Can't wait til it gets in. I'll know I'll have some competition.

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