Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Where Not to Knit

This past week I have been doing a lot of waiting - ok, in the last 3 days it has been 4 hours of wasted waiting where I just could not knit.

One: Future Shop - annoying customer experience where I could not be distracted by knitting, even amongst those shiny cell phones...just didn't feel right.

Passport Renewal Gov't office: Why? Because I had to fill out the SAME form 5 times! Waste, waste of time.

Even worse, the new cell phone from Future Shop has a version of Boggle, my all time fave board game that no one will play with me any more - this distracts me even more from getting knitting done!

Must finish the Multnomah this week! I have to get the turbo needles charged up for the recently wound Gourmet Crafter's Granville Island Cherries sock yarn that will be a clickin' this weekend!

Weddings and movie theatres...just can't bring myself to knit there either...

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