Sunday, June 13, 2010

And then I ripped it out....

As Lisa at the Stitch n'Bitch this Friday said, the Amish always have one mistake in each piece of work to demonstrate modesty. Well, I don't want to be THIS modest. For rows and rows I let it slide, but finally after ripping out some rows on my Travelling Woman as I knit too far, the extra hole was just killing me. I could not give this away to someone else, and I could never wear it. It could probably have an ok fix, but I would rather just start over and feel much better about it.

So that's it - starting over on that, still stuck with the Clapotis, and still at ground zero on the Cashsilk Lace Fern Scarf. Sunday is the perfect time for new beginnings.


  1. I've told you about "life lines" right??? An invaluable tool when knitting lace, especially LONG rows of lace... It makes the pain of ripping almost tolerable.

  2. Is this a perfectionist in the making?

  3. Is that like in Who wants to be a millionaire? Does the knitting fairy come in and fix it?

  4. Yes, know about the lifeline. I was thinking - this pattern is too simple to do a life line BEFORE the REAL lace starts :)

    Some mistakes you can hide. Others not. Ripping and starting over a go.


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