Thursday, July 1, 2010

Small Beneath the Sky

A lovely day off allowed me to finish this book, Small Beneath the Sky by Lorna Crozier - only approx. 180 pages of Can lit memoir that I felt I could really relate to. An eloquent poet by trade, Crozier captures the prairie life and Canadian life prior to the 80s to the tee - the farm life, the post-Depression generation who felt like they too were living in the Depression.

This book brought me right back to Grandma's kitchen on the farm, Uncle Dave up at 5 to milk the cows at the barn so us kids could have milk so thick with cream I would rather have had apple juice with my cereal, even after he cut the cream at the sink from the top of the gallon milk jars.

My grandma in her chair, with Grandpa's picture looking over as she knit away, and made sharp remarks those in pain make about everything Mom tried to do or didn't do. Parent became child, child parent.

Heath and I playing in the barn, nothing but the drifting summer clouds on the light blue sky, the scary forest where the bull pen was, the chipmunks coming close then running away. Cousin Rodney showing us how to find agates in a fill pile, riding the tractor with Uncle Dave in the field smelling of sweet hay. Thank you, book.

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