Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summery Sunday

All of a sudden, Summer has arrived in Vancouver, with more than enough baggage for us sea-weather folk to handle. Not to say it's not welcome! Friday night, with an inspiration of the weather, and pure jealousy of the other girls who had obtained this yarn, I indulged in the Misti Alpaca Regaeton Handpainted Sock Yarn - and this looks even better wound than in the skein:
"Love, love, love, love, Love love, love, love..."

This morning the sister and I went to Krause Berry Farms to get some local strawberries - although we got the last two baskets, we were disappointed there wasn't more for our troubles. So, we stopped off at Dreidger's Farm on the way back and got 10 lbs of delicious strawberries. I love summer fruit: fresh.

Sadly, this whimsical weekend has come to an end, and work comes back like a boomerang tomorrow morning. Although tomorrow I hope to change our world, little as it is.

The key to this week will be to get off work on time so I can enjoy the most of this weather.

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