Sunday, September 26, 2010


Happy Un-Birthday to me! Yesterday was the real thing, and I had a blast. Knitting extensively on Friday night, then another awesome cooking class, Chocolate Lover's at The Dirty Apron with Eleanor: good - and just when you think you'll be eating the 3 desserts all in a row for lunch - they bring you lunch - as in Chambar chef style lunch: - Grilled Sablefish with lemon, asparagus, tomato risotto and a burnt tomato coulis...awesome:

We then finished up our Raspberry Truffles, and Caramel Chocolate, Pine Nute, and Sea Salt good, even with the salt.

The beginnings of the truffles...raspberry purree and whipped cream.

The final was a lucious Bittersweet Chocolate Cake, flourless, that turned out like a large lava cake - so good you could hardly stand it. But we did! simple enough you can do on your own, with tons of tips from Eleanor as well.

Flowers, knitting class, and Chantal tix with the VSO were awaiting me at the coffee shop after (all of my favorite things in one day, is it possible??) Then off to the Hyatt DT - beautiful room, and GREAT company.

The view:

We had a comfortable yet debative walk to Bao Bei (2010 Georgia Straight winner of Best New Restaurant) - check it out on my links page. It was packed, as usual, but so worth the wait. Had bar seats next to the trendy's...and shared some delicious Beef Noodles (hand cut, brothy and beefy!), shrimp dumplings and vinegar (everything is so fresh), beef bok choy (mmm..such flavor), pork belly (the most delicious thing you have ever tasted). For my birthday drink, it was The Best F$%&ing Pina Colada You Have Ever Tasted - kudos to the bartender for filling it back up again after having some extra. It is really called this and really tastes like this - fresh pineapple whipped up before your eyes.

Some great conversation, then moved out out the deluge of rain in the Vancouver night.

This was the best birthday yet - awesome, awesome. Thank you everyone!

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