Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Ends It

Well, it's October 31st and that's it for October - another month gone by - as usual, too fast. It's been more than a month since I've blogged - I've just been too busy knitting. I've done a little hunkering down this month, trying to prioritize my knitting so I can be productive.

What I love about knitting in the fall, is that it feels like I am spreading warmth, quite literally. When I'm warm, I am much happier - and in these cold months, I'll take anything. So if I can give it, then all the better.

I have started the Lillie's Little Sweater class with Jaime at Three Bags Full. I love the yarn that I chose - great stitch definition - it is Spud and Chloe Sweater in Rootbeer, with stripes of Moonlight and Ice Cream.  I'm knitting it in the 6 month size - just happens that there is a favorite little baby of mine that is just coming up to 6 months :) Here is the hood, from the right side (colour band will be flipped to show the "right" aka wrong side):

Speaking of babies, there are a LOT coming up before March:

1) Krista
2) Aman
3) Kelly








A certain other one :)

Yes, count it, 7 babies before April to knit for.

Crazy! But it brings a lot of joy for me to a) knit a small project, b) see how freakin' cute they look, and c) spread the warmth, of course.

I have been working on Krista's ugly doll pattern, and still need to do a lot. (Only doing this project on request as, dispite her taste, she is awesome). Due date is looming ahead. The doll is done in pieces, then sewn together, then stuffed, then accessorized. Not motivated, I have to say. We'll see how this turns out. Pictures at the end.

I did start Heather's Orb Toque (named after one she wanted me to replicate at the store called Orb). Obviously, she would then get it for free. I'm a big sucker, I know. First did it in Rowan Cocoon, but the gauge was a little loose, and you could see her head.

I wanted something even bulkier, so I went with Malbrigo's Rasta, a fun big chunky soft off-white wool (Natural is the "colour"). Fit is perfect, and kept with a 5.5 mm needle size, although the length was just killing my fingers at 16". Turns out that 20" circs. are rare, so I am going to try Jaime's suggestion of using 2 circs. to knit in the round. Youtube, here I come - can't trust anything I don't understand. (Although she's amazing with her great tips)

I have actually started on my Christmas present list: here is the Scrappy Lengthwise Scarf in Rowan Cocoon in Shale and Kiwi. It's taking me approx. 15 mins. per row, and I've knit just under an inch at this point (8th row is below). It's going to be a great man-scarf, I think. Pretty close to what I had in mind. A nice linen stitch to give visual interest, with a little subtlety.

Getting jealous yesterday that I didn't have anything on the needles for myself, I started Confluence, a new shawl pattern by Sivia Harding. Love the pie shawl shape, (rounded, not a triangle), with a touch of lace and beading. Her pattern is written a little crazy, but nice to have it line by line, and the first little bit can be memorized. I saw it hanging in Three Bags Full, and I just had to knit it. It is nice and quick, although I already have 1 too many stitches, so I'll have to investigate. I'm doing it up in the Gourmet Crafter Sock Yarn in Fall Leaves. Perfect.

That's it, off to bed to the sound of fireworks.

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