Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Knitting Some Love

Happy belated Valentine's Day! After a serious case of the Mondays at work yesterday, I couldn't have asked for a better evening:

1) When I received a cute little puffy package of yarn from Impulse-of-Delight - my first online, completely blind (aka no touching) order of yarn. And I was NOT!!! disappointed.

The two skeins were:

a) Summit Sock in Winterbark Purples (mimicked after true bark photos):

b) Blissful Sock in Coppergreen:

Delicious. I had so much fun receiving them - I decided to order some more! I love how all the colourways are after mountain scenes.

2) I have finally blocked Ben's Christmas (yes, Christmas) Scarf.One more full day to dry, and it will be done and ready to finally give.

Can't wait:

200 pins later, it has stretched to 6.75 feet x 5.25 inches.

Thanks to my Sunshine for the T-pins - you're so romantic :)

3) Got the most delicious and beautiful homemade Valentine's cookie (you can see it helped me block above) and cutest homemade owl ever! from my sista:

How cute is this guy? I think I will name him Bob. You can learn how to sew this by taking the class at Spool of Thread in Vancouver.
4) Had the most beautiful chocolate cheesecake made for me by my Sunshine, better looking than this one:

So, everything ended well.

Since my last blog, I have finished the Christmas Ishbel:

I actually loved how it turned out. A little busy perhaps, but the grey really balanced out the other colours. Definitely more Christmassy - but can't wait til next year to start wearing it!

I have started my first stash busting knitting project: Susie's Reading Mitts - some fingerless mitts that have a little fancy-dancy added to them. Fellow knitter Kirsten knit them up in Berrocco Lustra, and I decided to do the same:

Pretty and shiny and blue!

Knitting goals this week:

1) Send all Christmas gifts out to recipients.
2) Finish Susie's Mitts
3) Start next project - shawl? I have a hankering...
4) Finish Hippo

I hope everyone else had a great day yesterday!

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