Monday, March 28, 2011

Blackberry Brandywine

Happy Spring! These are crocuses that are in my yard right pretty with such promise of a new start.

She is complete! This past week, she was blocked, and turned into a lusciously soft purple hug around the neck. It definitely has a longer point to cast off edge, but looks great on my two lovely ladies who modelled it for me. J immediately went to the kerchief style, and N immediately covered her head with it - shows the difference in cultures. Had to get a pic of both.

Shawl #3 of 11 done for this year, and project #5 of 12 using up my stash.

Today, I have started on two new shawls - pics up next posting.

As far as reading goes, I gave my bum a rest after a long but very fun day of snowboarding and completed Remembering the Bones by Frances Itani, one of the 40 or so picked up at Value Village. A thought-provoking, intensely emmotional read that makes you ponder at life's simplicity. The ending is a thinker.

It's amazing how little reading I get done when the needles are a clicking. Looking at this audio book thing more and more...

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