Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Night off from the exercise means more knitting time! It has taken me a month, but I finally have the Blackberry Brandywine Shawl blocking! I had a little bit of Malabrigo left after repeating Chart B 19 times, and I was optimistic that I would be able to complete the shawl with just enough yarn, including the recommending tubular castoff, which is essentially an I-Cord. This multiplied my stitches to cast off by 3. Needless to say, 20 stitches from the end, I run out of yarn.

The only thing left to do? Rip it out and cast off again.

Cast off #1 - Tubular:

An hour and a half after starting tonight, Brandywine is blocking.

So pretty. Final photos to follow.

Now, if I can just finish my fingerless gloves this evening. First, dinner!

It's just after 10 pm, and my fingerless gloves are blocking!

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