Sunday, July 3, 2011

Duck Duck Goose - Juneberry!

Juneberry Triangle is done. Done like dinna. It has been a long time since I've had a finished object, and boy, does it feel good.

I blocked this baby yesterday morning on my deck in the warm Saturday sunshine, and as all the other Ravelry comments said, it really did flourish with blocking. The Berocco Ultra Alpaca used did not define the stitches - only after the hard block did it really stretch and show the patterns swirls.

Although finished after the Urban Yarns KAL deadline of June 24th, the party for our Jared Flood KAL has thankfully moved to this Friday, July 8th. It is nice to have something done for this (unlike my Clapotis that is the knit I keep on knitting).

Juneberry was an interesting knit - my first knit with charts, and although a little difficult to figure out the legend and which side to do what on, it was pretty intuitive after the first chart. It would have been nice to have some memorizing, but such is life.

Not a big fan of the bobbles aka "Juneberries" - annoying to knit, and I don't think add that much except for the border. Also, lots of ssk's, which I hate - in my head, instead of "slip,slip, knit" I think "duck, duck, goose" - same rhythm. Ugh, annoying.

I had to delve into skein 3 near the end, so if anyone needs an extra skein of Oceanic Mix (6825), let me know!

I am happy with the way it turned out. Now hopefully we are doing a Ysolda Teague KAL...

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