Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Missed Her

I made a great investment this weekend - my lonely lounge chair base out on the deck finally got a beautiful cushion - Canadian Tire to the rescue, baby! And this was my knitting view in the cool night air after a hot summer's day:

I love my new place! The seawall is so close, that walking to the library (fave place in Vancouver) or popping down to knit for an hour while overlooking the water of False Creek is just magic.

Speaking of lovely warm summer days, the last couple of days I have taken the Skytrain to work - it's a refreshing carefree way to travel, and I was able to finish Missed Her, the latest book from Ivan Coyote. I love the palette-cleansing effect of short stories after an intense novel. Also, when I get busy, I could always make time for one of her insightful tidbit stories (only 2-3 pages long usually).

Going with the Canada Day celebration theme, I have now moved on to a novel I feel I should read, ok, well, more like an author that I should read. And I have to say that the title and the character names intrigue me. It is:

A couple of pages in, it's interesting so far. Will keep you updated.

As for my knitting, I am 1) super excited about the Urban Yarns Party for the Jared Flood show-offs and the fact I actually finished it in time for the party. 2) I am now able to work a bit on my Clapotis below - almost there - but it is getting very long....

3) We are starting the Ysolda Teague KAL at Urban Yarns - very excited. I am thinking the Vine Yolk Cardi in a charcoal - not 100% sure but close.

The adventure begins Friday!

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