Monday, July 25, 2011

Jugust Planning

Finally! Warm summer has reached Vancouver - well, at least for the last two days which happened to be a weekend, yay! I feel like it's the start of summer, now that the "summer" months are halfway over, it's practically August.

In case anyone hasn't heard of John Fluevog shoes, designed and made in Vancouver, here is a pic of why you should check them out. My favorite shoes of all time, I think:

I now really really love Fridays with my dark jeans!

New month, new projects, new goals. I have finally cast on for the seemingly quick Vine Yoke Cardigan by Ysolda Teague in Cascade 220 and a great colour! The first cardi ever (adult size - baby sweaters do not count), and timed it with the Urban Yarns KAL. It's going well so far, but there is a feeling more like a crap shoot than a well calculated, confident piece. Gone are the days of the no-gauge-swatch shawl using up a skein of sock yarn.

I am also now officially Auntie Ashley to a beautiful Baby Evan - aka Yoda. My Ravelry favorites have exploded this past week since he was born. Number one on the list: Baby Sophisticate which will use up the three hunter green Misson Falls 1824 skeins in my stash, and will look great on him! Pattern is free free free also!

Looking at my Ravelry page this weekend, I have become very annoyed at the list of unfinished projects that really should be finished by now - 1) the Hippo that I started in Africa, and just need to stuff and finish (I was not carting stuffing to Africa), 2) the Brambles Beret that will use up one more stash skein, 3) the Celeano shawl and 4), the Daybreak shawl.

So, because I have lofty goals and love setting them, here is my goal for Jugust (the last bit of July until August 31st:

1) Finish Vine Yoke Cardigan (if you search Vine "Yolk" Cardigan in Ravelry patterns you still get the Vine Yoke Cardigan, FYI :))
2) Finish Baby Sophisticate - starting Evan's Fall Knits collection
3) Finish the Hippo to send to Africa
4) Finish my Brown Brambles Beret

As I'm not entirely crazy, the Celeano shawl and Daybreak shawl I will work on for the end of September. If I finish before, great.

Off to prep up the summer raspberries fresh off the vine today. I LOVE SUMMER!

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