Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Good Doctor

If you are looking for a book that annoys you, characters that make you just want to shake them awake and say "Get Motivated Weirdo!", this is the book for you. The Good Doctor, by Damon Galgut, is this awkward novel set in South Africa, nominee for the Man Booker Prize, left an unfinished taste in my mouth. Although presenting some thought-provoking ideas about humanity, I really didn`t like it. As I listened to the BBC`s World Book Club author interview podcast, the author described his book exactly as above. Apparently annoying books are now acclaimed. Not a fan. I was screaming through the whole book, ``Frank, get a life!!!!``

Moving on to a Canadian novel, I have picked up As Long as the Rivers Flow, after hearing the author speak on The Next Chapter (CBC`s book podcast). It features Martha going through a residential school in Ontario. Although it`s a fiction piece, it is a piece of Canadian history that I have much to learn about. The first 3 pages had me hooked.

On to the knitting:

Finally, another finished project - Evan`s Sophisticate baby sweater. I knit it using Mission Falls 1824 Wool, in Hunter Green (Colorway 017). I love knitting in worsted weight, it goes so quickly! Knitting everywhere I could, I finished it in about 9 hours.

I found the cutest buttons at Micheal`s craft store - little dump trucks! The package also had:

So cute! Boys stuff is so cool sometimes.

More on the needles: after reading Miso Crafty`s blog (see link to the right), I discovered that designer Steven West is doing a Mystery Shawl Knit-A-Long (KAL). I have never done a mystery KAL before, and as I`m trying to knit 11 shawls in 2011, this fell right in line. Basically, he gives you a new clue each week, with a partial bit of the pattern. Here is mine so far - sometimes I wonder if it`s really going to work out, but it`s a good lesson in trust. I am using only 2 colours instead of 3, Dahlia and Cloak in Madelinetosh Sock:

All ready for the next clue, coming tomorrow!

After a recent trip home to 100 Mile House, we popped in to Rosi`s for coffee, in the suburb of Lone Butte - which happens to be a coffee shop, gift store, B+B, and alpaca farm all in one! As Rosi herself is just learning to spin, she had great fibre packages, including Suri.

Lovely! The alpacas are right by the main building, so you can see the freshly shorn animals and the babies.

Another great find this weekend was the Brown Dog Cafe on 10th, right across from the Safeway (and by the knitting store).

I had a great veggy chili, and the bf had the awesome big breakfast - best pancakes ever!

Taking a look at their drinks board, there are some delicious drinks that I might have to try one winter Saturday:

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  1. OMG...that's the cutest Baby Sophisticate ever!!

    PS: That veggie chili looks pretty darn tasty too!


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