Wednesday, October 19, 2011


It has been a while since I last blogged, and I have been busy knitting. Knitting and knitting and knitting.

I am pleased to produce my 8th shawl of 11 for this year: the Holden Shawlette.

I am in love. Love love love. This is by far my favorite shawl of all time. The yarn, the gorgeous Springtree Road Muscadine Sock yarn in Grey Flannel is a beautiful colour (the colour is mostly like the following photo):


Gorgeous! Like blue jeans put into yarn.

The pattern is fun but easy, and there are numerous checks along the way (the k2tog and the skp all line up) so you can visually see that you are off a stitch in the lace.

I was really hoping my yarn would last for the whole pattern, but after doing the 4th repeat I had the instinct - the instinct that every knitter has at one point in their career; the instinct that is always ignored: I am going to run out of yarn. Hope gets in the way, because it just would not be good enough to only have 4 repeats of the lace - so you keep knitting.

Ripping out occurred on Saturday, taking about 1/2 hr to put the stitches back on. The picot edging really gives this shawl most of it's character, even though it did take me 3 hours.

I love it though, and I think everyone who is a shawl knitter should knit one.

Is it bad to wear the same shawl every day?

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  1. Gorgeous shawl!! I absolutely love the colour that you chose too. I have this in my queue, but I think it just got bumped up.

    And no, it's not bad to wear the same shawl every day...I only say this because I've been wearing my Westknits Mystery shawl non-stop since it's been off the blocking wires! ;)


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