Thursday, January 26, 2012

Goals - January 2012

Those who know me know that I love to make goals.

My knitting goals to finish before January 30th:

1) Finish my last belated Christmas present, the Fiddleheads:

2) Start and complete 2 baby shower gifts, which I think I will copy this that I found on Etsy:

Super cute!

I am going to use up some worsted yarn in my stash, so I will update you on the colours then. Love the pompom at the end!

No pattern yet - will have to improvise.

My two knitting goals mentioned previously were:

1) Knit my way through 9 Months of Knitting

2) Knit 6 items using my stash - and this means stash previously acquired prior to Jan. 1st 2012. It will be difficult, but I will persevere!

Ysolda just came out with some new patterns (yay), and I am loving this one, Pear Drop, a 1 skein lacy shawl ( her pic of course):

I am just awaiting the release of the individual patterns on Ravelry. This will be a great knit up!

I'm also eyeing up this Gin and Tonic Hat, that is not released yet, from Knitted Bliss (Tanis Fibre Arts Yarn):


This would be super awesome to use up all of the 1 skein variegated sock yarns I have, and, I have a friend in mind would look great in this. Hurry up and release!

Oh, and I just received my new DPN holder in the mail:

Double pointed needle case-Teal and brown damask

Isn't it gorgeous? Check out the rest of her cases on Etsy!

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