Saturday, June 30, 2012


I wrote this post way back at the end of April, and just forgot to hit "post". Check it out:

I love flying. Why? Because creates extensive knitting time - arriving to the airport 2 hours early just to wait - no problem. Sit on a plane for another 5 hours? No problem. There's a good 7 hours of pure knitting right there. And that's just one way.

The most stressful part of packing for a flight - how many knitting projects should I bring? God forbid I run out. That just puts me over the top. So I fit what I can in the suitcase, but have 2 knitting projects with me in the carry-on at all times. And no problem with my sharp metal Addi's! They could kill someone if needed. They would be my secret weapon should a terrorist take over the plane.

After working and some Skype dates, the knitting came out again at the hotel for several nights, before then another 7 hour trip home to Vancouver this week. Lots of knitting.

The problem? I always expect to get MORE knitting done than I do. But overall, I'm happy with this trip.

I am loving how my Rae in Sweet Georgia Sock in Sitka is working out. Gorgeous yellows, greens, greys, and blues. A simple pattern - I was able to finish halfway on the plane.

My cozy Paton's Shetland Chunky EDI cowl - a full skein knit up in 1.5 hours. I finished the second skein this weekend, and just have to kitchener stitch it up.

Henslowe. My blocking nemesis. I cast this off on the plane. There are two cast offs - the first a suspended cast off for the top garter portion that I thought I did loosely. Not so. Blocking was horrific to get the lace to pop.  Strong recommendation - use 1 or 2 size needle sizes up to cast off the garter section. Trust me.

All three projects are close to finishing.

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