Monday, November 8, 2010

Brrr November

November is here - time change and all has made today especially hard to keep awake at the end of the day. But alas, I must persevere! The cold weather and reports of snow in the valley impress upon the need to complete all of my knitting ASAP.

Krista's baby shower was today, and although the ugly doll is not yet finished, I did give her the 0-3 months Baby Leaf Hat I had on hand ready for the perfect person:

It's a cutie - one that I like more than the Sprout, for the top, anyway. And it's free :)

To help get things straight in my head, I have sorted my Ravelry page into priorities: 1) Due in November, 2) Christmas knitting to finish.

Number 1 to get done next for November are my Antler Mittens, from Alexa Ludeman. I am using dark chocolate brown Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted Cotton - I love the shinyness and stitch definition. The pattern is a breeze, and I'm moving along - I'm hoping to have these done for the weekend. This pic below shows what I had done yesterday, and I'm moving along today (although I must take a break and do laundry).

I'm loving my new camera too - there really wasn't that much light in the room, but this pic seemed to pick up a bit of the sunset.

I need now to keep my sista warm as well (I'm sure I'll hear about it).

1) Finish her Orb toque by using crazy circular needle technique
2) Finish her Fiddleheads I have been working on since last Christmas so she can actually wear them.

I would like to also finish the Elefante I've made out of Noro yarn - get that out of my queue. Then I will be doing well for half way through November, on top of the 2 hour class each week (with homework) to finish Lillie's Little Sweater:

Knit knit knit!

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  1. I have to say, now that Maddie fits the Sprout toque (perfect timing btw!!!) it's really darn cute. I think the little swirly is probably cutter than the leaf. It makes her look like a little elf, especially when I make her ears stick out of the toque! :)

    Still waiting a bit for the booties, I think she has smaller feet than average...


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