Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tick, Tick, Tick

I am proud to say, that after averaging approx. 4-5 hours per mitten, I have finished my only pair of handknit mittens to fight off this cold November: Alexa Ludeman's Antler Mittens:

I am loving the long cuff in case snow gets under the sweater sleeve, and the yarn is so bloody fantastic - soft and smooth (it is of course the Blue Sky Alpaca's Worsted Cotton in Dark Brown. Love the colour. Despite the comment on Ravelry, there is nothing wrong with the pattern that I can find - all of my mistakes are my own :)

One November project done!

Next on the list - Heather's gifts.

I have been knitting her Orb cabled bulky toque on 2 circular needles, but it's still hard on the fingers, thanks to the Addi Lace sharp tips. I'm going to have to start this over I think - just really get my gauge right, and go for a larger needle so I'm not so cramped.

Project number 2 was her Fiddlehead Mittens I started last October for her "Christmas 2009" present. I was a little gungho and cut out the liner as well as the icord cast on stitches (not good). So it was one big pattern of stress for me, sitting in the bag forever until last night, where I bucked up and asked for help.

My knitting goddess in shining armor with sticks in her hair came to the rescue, and in less than 10 minutes she had it ready for me to go again. I'm not religious, but bless her heart. Alexa Ludeman - you are awesome. (Check out her fantastic blog linked here - the Gourmet Crafter). The mitten now looks the same as before.

The lining with these things is hard - I don't have a lot of room to squish it in, so I think I will do a little gauge swatch and measure it out so I can decrease to what needs to be done.

Math really does make sense.

I'm trucking along on my Lillie's Little Sweater - love the yarn, although I'm gettting a little tired of brown :) Separated off the sleeves today, and am now working on the 8 remaining inches for the front and the back.

Tick Tick Tick off the List!

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